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Celebrating agricultural partnerships: Monahan Farms

Mar 19, 2024

Broadband connectivity in agriculture has revolutionized the way farmers work and manage their farm operations. Wi-Fi enabled devices can be used to monitor crops, livestock, and pest infestations to maximize yields and reduce expenses. RURALBAND is proud to serve all members and offers connectivity solutions to improve their quality of life and business operations.

National Ag Day was March 19, and RURALBAND would like to mark this occasion by recognizing the essential role agriculture plays in our everyday lives.  Your quality internet service provider is especially grateful for the opportunity to support our agricultural members – like Monahan Farms outside of Waverly. 

Monahan Farms is a multi-generational company founded more than three decades ago.  Today, the owner, Kevin Monahan, oversees the operations with the help of his sons, Brad and Drew.  Known for its grain, cotton, and peanut crop operation, Monahan Farms has grown to become a local community gem.

Wanting to follow in their father’s footsteps, the Monahan Farms legacy runs deep within brothers Brad and Drew – both who knew they were going to continue the family business.  As their love for the family businesses expanded over the years, so did their operational needs.

Monahan Farms first received the benefit of RURALBAND’s high-speed fiber-optic internet service in August 2019. 

When asked how being a RURALBAND agricultural member has affected business operations, Brad Monohan of Monohan Farms had the following to say:

" As our Infrastructure has expanded over the years, RURALBAND helps us monitor operations at our grain dryer from our mobile devices 24/7. Thanks to RURALBAND, we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of time away from the farm. Reliable RURALBAND Internet at our farm office allows us to efficiently complete FSA/USDA documents electronically without traveling to the county office's. I am very thankful for the service you all provide for our farm in a rural area."

RURALBAND is proud to support all its members by continuing to invest in innovative solutions and technologies that enhance their business operations and quality of life.

There are still more than 5,000 members who have not taken advantage of the service that is available in Prince Geroge, Sussex, Surry, and Dinwiddie (PGEC) counties.

For more information about what solutions your cooperative and RURALBAND can provide for you, visit and

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