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Local members encourage residents to make take the leap into RURALBAND connectivity

Apr 19, 2024

With nearly 3,000 internet service providers across the country, it’s sometimes difficult to choose which provider will best meet your connectivity needs. What separates RURALBAND fiber optic service from other internet service providers? According to Mary P. Gromovsky of Prince George, beyond the great service, it’s excellent customer service and support.

Gromovsky says that she is just your average member who waited a long time to get connected to RURALBAND’s fiber internet. “I patiently waited for the line installation to my residence and the actual connection to the service. My husband and I were nervous about switching from our previous provider to RURALBAND because we have had the service for years and never really had any problems. However, we made the leap.”

RURALBAND’s General Manager, Justin Harville, says that the Gromovsky’s are one of more than 4,800 members who have waited for the RURALBAND experience. “The installation process takes time and it’s not a call to the office one day and active service the next. We go through several steps to ensure everything runs smoothly and the member is aware of what is going to happen; this includes an on-site engineering visit with the member to plan the fiber route and determine placement in the home.” 

But for folks like the Gromovskys, the wait is worth it.  “Not only is the internet service awesome, but the customer care is exceptional!”  She says even when she has had to call for connectivity issues, she has been met with outstanding service and genuine care and concern.

“I am over sixty years old, and I have NEVER experienced this level of service,” she says.  “From the ladies that answered the phones to the service techs and general manager, we have been pleased with our decision to choose RURALBAND.”

There are still more than 4,800 members who have not taken advantage of the service that is available in Prince Geroge, Sussex, Surry, and Dinwiddie (PGEC) counties. For more information about what solutions your cooperative and RURALBAND can provide for you, visit and

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