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RURALBAND Helps Local Business Serve Up Superb Service

Jun 13, 2024

One of RURALBAND’s newest members serves up some of the most delicious meals in PGEC’s territory. Co-owner of the Homeville-based ‘Grab & Growl Grill’ establishment, Joseph Dalton, says that having RURALBAND has improved their business operations and increased their customer satisfaction.

When the Grill was established in September of last year, co-owners Joseph Dalton and Lydia Booth did so with the desire to provide everyone who visits with a delicious home cooked meal.  “We serve almost 80 customers a day, and most of those transactions are done via credit cards,” Dalton says.  He added that many of their customers drive trucks and are often in a hurry.

Before getting RURALBAND, Dalton explained how the speed of credit card processing was a major challenge to their daily operations.  “At first, our connection was much slower, and our customers weren’t too happy about that.”  In March of this year, all of that changed.”

When asked to describe his installation process, Dalton said it was seamless.  “They were very cooperative and even worked around our busy times so that there wasn’t an interruption in our business operations.”

Not only has RURALBAND helped increase the efficiency of business operations, Dalton also states that an added advantage is the ability to upgrade their security system.  “As a business owner, this gives us a great peace of mind.”

There are still more than 4,800 members who have not taken advantage of the service that is available in Prince Geroge, Sussex, Surry, and Dinwiddie (PGEC) counties. “So far, service has been amazing, and I encourage residents who can get RURALBAND to do so,” Dalton says.  “I also encourage the RURALBAND team to keep spreading this amazing service as far as possible.”

For more information about what solutions your cooperative and RURALBAND can provide for you, visit and

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