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RURALBAND makes movie night with loved ones better

Feb 14, 2024

Imagine sitting in your living room, popcorn in hand, streaming your favorite movie with your family and in the middle of the best part, it starts buffering. Anyone who has ever had this experience, knows that your internet service can make the difference between a great family movie night and a disaster. With RURALBAND, members say that streaming movies with loved ones is one of the many benefits of the high-speed fiber-optic service.

When Surry County residents Martey Boothe and her husband first moved to the area in 2007, they had dial up internet. She expressed that the dial up service made using the internet for certain things a challenge.  That is until she signed up to receive RURALBAND’s fiber-optic internet service. “Since receiving RURALBAND service nearly three years ago, we have seen a world of difference,” she continues. “Now, my husband and I can enjoy streaming movies together without issue.”

To date, RURALBAND has been made internet available to more than 10,000 residents and close to 4,500 homes have been connected.  This means that there are still more than 5,000 members who have not taken advantage of the service that is available in Prince Geroge, Sussex, Surry, and Dinwiddie (PGEC) counties.

“Be sure to pass this message along to your friends, family members and neighbors to ensure they become a part of the fiber family this year,” says Sarat Yellepeddi, President and CEO of Prince George Electric Cooperative.

If you reside in any of these counties and have not signed up for RURALBAND’s affordable fiber to the home service, RURALBAND encourages you to sign up today at

*Please note that applicants MUST request service at an address in an open Zone where RURALBAND is currently offered.

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